Expo Milan 2015: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

For better or for worse, the Universal Exposition has always stood for the celebration of mankind’s ability to collaborate & innovate. In many ways, thematically speaking, each ‘EXPO’ , is quite simply, a variation on a theme. That theme being something to the tune of “looking towards the future!”


However, a paradigm shift has occurred in the more recent Universal Expositions in so much as the futuristic theme is now a variant on looking back on past mistakes that have led the global community to confront the issues of today and subsequently how to solve them.

This year, more than ever before, Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability have come to the forefront of the global community’s consciousness. In November, the United Nations will gather for the COP 21(Conference of Parties) in Paris where decisions are made to meet goals for combating climate change. This is known as the “UNFCCC” or United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. You know, the guys that gave us the Kyoto Protocols.

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